PerfPRO CS Exporter

PerfPRO CS Exporter

PerfPRO CS Exporter is a simple and powerful tool that allows you to export multiple RacerMate® MultiRider™ and Coaching Software™ CDF/MDF/3DP files at once.

If you use the MultiRider™ Studio software (MR2009) for group rides you understand how time consuming it can be to export each CDF performance file, one slow export at a time using a completely separate program. Our local Cycling Studio produces around 50-75 of these CDF performance files each week. To export these files, one at a time, is very time consuming and nearly as painful as the workout itself.

With the CS Exporter you simply select the files you want to export and press the "Export" button. CS Exporter then takes over control of the Coaching Software™ and exports each file for you. If PerfPRO is running during the export it will wait until the export is complete then load these performances up for you. You can then save them off into PerfPRO; however, PerfPRO is not required to use the CS Exporter. The PerfPRO CS Exporter runs completely separate. All that is needed is RacerMate’s® Coaching Software™ version 1.6 installed.

With the PerfPRO CS Exporter, all that is needed is two mouse clicks and all of your performance files can be exported in no time.

Download a fully functional 14-day trial period now.

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